T-shirt design


Some years ago I designed a t-shirt for my blog's e-shop (as a matter of fact I designed it for myself, and I thought that maybe more people would like it too).

It mixed two of the biggest pop icons of our time, Super Mario Bros (the cover of his third game for the Nintendo NES) and the Stormtroopers from Star Wars.

The result was a compact symbol that captures the essence of being a nerd raised during the 80's and 90's.

Project details

When the design was posted online some of the biggest videogame sites talked about it, a lot of people loved it, and the t-shirt became really popular.

Internet has its own laws for popular things, and weird (and somehow funny) consequences happen when your design gets a preeminent place in the online world. Some people decided that it was a design worth to steal, so all kinds of counterfeits appeared in e-bay and t-shirt sites. If this was not crazy enough, some friends on social media sent me unexpected pictures of people getting the design inked (with different degrees of skill by the tatoo artists I must say).